What Makes My Wedding Photography Different From Others

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When thinking about how to put this blogpost together really made me look at my business from a bird's eye view. Again and again I'm convinced experience is the thing that makes a business successful.

Talking about what makes my photography services different from other, I want to lean toward the emotional aspect of it. 

The first time I drew up a vision for my business I had no idea how absolutely precise I was in choosing it. My vision is as simple as it is complicated, it is to 'Just Be You'.

How do I lead my clients to just be you... 

I Care - I tend to push myself to be able to see my clients from the point of view of their partners. I want to get to know my clients so that I can look at them from a point of view of someone who is excited about why they fell in love with each other and what makes their partner special. I want to see them the way they see each other. I care about the things such as fleeting thoughts in their eyes, the wordless signals, the loving warmth, the familiarity of each other's faces. I care about what makes their world fuller when they are together. I care because that feeling enables me to capture the world of theirs. Imagine how powerful it is to be able to look at the whole world with your partner in photographs and how beautiful it is to have someone who genuinely cares.

I am honest - Honesty is a huge part of my life and my career. And it's not about what I ate for breakfast or if I REALLY was stuck in traffic by running 10 minutes late. Honesty comes from within towards my own self. I am honest about how I feel towards my work. I'm honest towards my passions and towards what makes me excited. I am honest with where I'm failing and where I'm succeeding. The biggest way this honesty reflects in my work is by being able to avoid cutting corners. It is when I am able to take a step back and honestly look at my work by knowing that if I don't feel excited and lifted by looking at my work, then the chances are that my clients won't feel that either. This honesty pushes me to create better, with more emotion, with more love. And if I'm honest, I love surrounding myself with honest, driven people.

I Respect - Respect comes in so, so many different shapes and forms. Respect  is defined differently by everyone. However one thing is very clear and it's that to be respectful towards your work and the people you work with comes with the ability to observe the signals around you. It may seem like a no brainer to be able to observe stuff when someone is a professional wedding photographer. Trust me when I tell you this, it is a true skill to be able to respect how someone feels in the moment of stress, to be able to anticipate someone's needs when they don't even know they have them yet, to be able to give space when a moment for personal thoughts is more important than pushing for a particular photograph. Respect is huge when it comes to dealing with my clients, especially on their wedding days.

I connect - My ultimate goal with my clients is to be able to connect. It's a win-win situation when we all connect. Connection comes with being able to just express ourselves with each other. I treat my clients as my fellow creators. They are on this journey with as much of an emotional investment as I am and we both may feel awkward at the beginning. By if we are placed in a situation to create something together then the only way we can do that is to connect as artists, as creators and as people who feel comfortable in each other's company just like friends would. And when I reach that point of connecting with my clients, by caring, by being honest, by respecting then we both fulfil the goal of ... just be you.


Every business is different. Lots of people will find it easy to choose one person over another based on one simple thing, unbeknownst to themselves most of the time. The one and only thing that binds a customer with a service is experience. An emotional stimulation, someone who really cares. Well.... I care!