Tips for planning a Winter Wedding

Don't let the cold stop you

winter wedding planning tips

Dear Brides,

Planning a winter wedding is not as scary as it may first seem. It definitely has it's advantages. You don't have to worry about people not making it to your wedding as much as during a holiday season. A winter wedding can be truly beautiful decorated with twinkle lights, candles and warm cosy drinks. It will make people stay in one place, which is great! It'll be too cold for them disappear wandering around. Winter weddings are very personable and here's a few tips to keep in mind when planning for it!

 Keeping Warm

Any sort of accessories such as faux fur stole will be a good idea to throw on you for a little heat. Guys can wear velvet to keep warm. Velvet will look great in pictures! Thick tights underneath your dress will be visible to no one but you and will be a warm option. You can take them off for your dinner and reception. Same goes for your bridesmaids. Keep your hands warm with hand warmers, avoiding red and blue shades for the photographs.


Your lips will crack quickly due to the cold. That'll happen to the groom too so make sure you have a lip balm that will keep your lips moisturised. This applies to your hands as well. Moisturise your hands before going out into the cold for pictures.

Natural Light

Daylight will be a luxury. As a daylight photographer I take all of my portraits with natural light. It means that we will be working under a tighter schedule. Your ceremony time will have to be moved to noon instead of 2pm or 3pm so by the time it's over, including the travel time to the reception, we will have light for the portraits.


Check with your venue's decorations and ask permission to alter them to suit your theme if needs be. Have your ceremony either in the same place as the venue or very close to it. Cold conditions can slow down the traffic and add extra time for travelling. Just like in wet weather conditions have your umbrellas prepared and keep the tags on them in case you won't need them. White/transparent umbrellas for portraits will be the best option, make sure you include your bridal party too!


Have an extra pair of shoes to avoid being uncomfortable walking on grass or gravel. Grass will be soft and wet so in case of sinking into it and ruining your beautiful shoes have a pair of flats or boots. No one will see them underneath your dress!

Katya xxx


winter wedding planning tips




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